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izzy + moe

acoustic duo


The musical duo you need to hear

Known for their captivating harmonies and polished delivery, Izzy + Moe form a sultry, beautifully blended power duo who thrive on the elegance of live, acoustic music. They combine a versatile repertoire with their own stunning spin on your favorites, creating an evening to remember. They have the ability to provide a spellbinding delivery without the use of tracks or gimmicks. Using only the occasional loop pedal, Izzy + Moe’s capability of rounding out their style and performance is why they are a consistent favorite among viewers of all ages. They travel around the world performing in high-end venues both on land and at sea on luxury cruise liners, providing world-class entertainment to a diverse and rotating clientele.

 Not only are Izzy + Moe talented, professional, and experienced, they’re also funny, charming, and down to earth. They share a love of music, a love of performing, and love of each other, and together they offer a magical experience complete with sophistication and soul. Their two voices, along with Moe’s unique guitar stylings, become one sound and a perfect soundtrack for your venue.



Auckland, New Zealand

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